Vacation Bible School 2022

Join us for a week of fun as we navigate what it means to be a church for all. We will explore what it means to be a church, how science and religion can go hand in hand, where it’s a safe place for children to ask questions, how we can help be the church outside our walls, and how we are a loving and diverse church. Children will get to act out the scripture, learn new songs, play games and create artwork together. Snacks will be provided M-Thursday and then on Friday night join us for a family meal.

Monday – A Church For All
Tuesday – Let’s ask questions
Wednesday – Culture and the Bible
Thursday – How to be the church outside the walls.
Friday – Field day/water games, dinner, songs and art show with family.

We will gather each day from 4 pm to 6 pm. If parents would like to stay at the church we will have a hospitality room set up in our parlor for parents to relax.

Ages are Pre-k (with an adult companion) to graduated 4th grade (going into 5th grade).

We will gather in our parish hall, Sutherland Hall to start each session.

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