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We make ordinary people extraordinary human beings. Because we see beauty in Simplicity and holiness in Ordinariness. Welcome to All Saints'. - Rector

Neighbors' Table: it's Time To Eat

Neighbors Table, a community of friends gather to share a moment of joy, friendship, and to break bread with each other on every saturday at noon. Great meal and Great price: FREE. We all gather around our kitchen, prepare a meal together and then serve one another and watch how Christ come alive among us. But first, we are all about respecting the dignity of each and everyone and how powerful it is to be with one another around a common meal. Join us....

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Kids' Connection: It's Time To Play

Children make anyone young at heart and even in body. The more we run around and play with kids, the younger, and healthier we become. Spiritually even better. Each week our children gather to worship and have some fun time of learning and loving one another in the comfort of a secure place. Learn more about Kids' connection and children's programs.

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Faith With Reason & Scripture: It's Time To Learn

For those who like to ask questions about anything and everything about Spirituality, there is an open chair at Faith and Reason Sunday Study class and for those who like the comfort of a Biblical Foundation for their spiritual journey, we ave the blessed group of Faith and Scripture Study Class. Even more from the Rector on Rector's Forum sundays and other leaders on weekdays.

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From Fr. Jos

Simply All Saints'

With beautiful and uplifting music, dedicated ministers and ministries, reflective sermons and challenging invitations to be real, All Saints' make church going truly one of a kind Spiritual Experience.....