The Rev. Kaye Staggs, Deacon (Retired)

Kaye Staggs Portrait

Kaye Staggs has been a member since 1983.  She is a graduate of the IONA seminary for locally-trained priests and deacons. Before her ordination, she taught yoga and tai chi; she also coordinated altar ministries for the church.  As a deacon, her ministry is to serve the community through the church.  She is involved in many outreach programs: The VA-Clergy Partnership, River Valley Food for Kids, and River Valley Cherokee Church Outreach. She has also served on the board of several community programs.  Kaye has volunteered for hospice care for seven years and worked with the diocese on human trafficking. She assists the priest with services and liturgical duties, and she is the mentor to our Karen members who have joined us from Thailand and Burma.

Kaye is married to Roy Joe Staggs, she is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother to an extended family that brings much love and joy to her heart and life.

Kristin Smith, Choir Director | Contact |

Kristin Smith is co-director of the music program along with her husband, Dr. Timothy Smith.  As a member of the All Saints community for the past 16 years, she has served on the rector search committee and on the vestry, sung in the choir and taught Sunday School. She also chairs the organ committee. Trained primarily as a cellist, she currently performs with the Arkansas Symphony in Little Rock and maintains a private cello studio. She holds degrees in music from St. Olaf College and Indiana University. Her interests outside of music include running, cooking and reading.

Dr. Timothy Smith, Organist

Dr. Timothy Smith is co-director of the music program along with his wife, Kristin Smith.  He has been deeply involved with music over the past 16 years as choir director, organist and choir member. As an associate professor of music at Arkansas Tech University, Dr. Smith teaches piano, music theory and ear training. He has performed widely as both a solo and collaborative pianist and has adjudicated numerous competitions.  He holds degrees in piano performance from St. Olaf College and Indiana University.  When not playing the piano, Dr. Smith enjoys acting and accompanying in local theater productions.

Melissa Simpson, (She/Her)
Family Ministries and Special Projects
| Contact |

Melissa found the Episcopal Church through friends who simple just asked her to come and see. She brings years of nonprofit experience, advocating for youth and emergency service. As director, she oversees youth Sunday School, Kids Chapel, Episcopal Youth Nights and @TheTable college and young adult ministry. Melissa also manages our social media pages and helps with evangelism. Melissa served on the vestry as junior warden, lead for Neighbors Table and as a Eucharist Minister at the altar.

When Melissa isn’t at church she’s enjoying time with her four children, her husband Travis and spending as much time outdoors in her hammock, drinking coffee and traveling.

Sherrie Cotton, Administrative Assistant | Contact |

Sherrie is a longtime member of All Saints’ and has served in many capacities at All Saints’, including that of Senior Warden. As Ministry Coordinator, Sherrie’s support for our ministries ranges from announcements in newsletters to updating our nursery to ensuring a warm welcome to those using our facilities to many, many more ways she helps keep ministry happening All Saints’.

When not in the church office, Sherrie enjoys time with her husband, three adult children, and granddaughters.

Technical Director – Trevor Coats |Contact|

Trevor Coats joined All Saints’ in October 2020 as Technical Director. He grew up in Russellville and owns a small business assisting local residents with their technological needs in their homes. As Technical Director, Trevor oversees the audio and video production needs of the church. He earned his Associates Degree in Business from UACCM in December of 2020 and will continue attending online at the University of Arkansas. 

KaDee Angel McCormick, Parish Administrator 
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She was born in Altus Arkansas in 1956, KaDee’s childhood was as backwoods as an oak tree but equally strong and well-rooted in the word of God.  Of all her many blessings, the tallest is her family tree with her two sets of twins and ten grandchildren.

A graduate of College of the Ozarks in 1978, she obtained two degrees in the physical sciences.  And in 1990, she returned to formal education to obtain an MA in Christian counseling after which she volunteered as a part-time counselor for a small church in an adjacent town.   She then pursued a doctorate in church administration but was forced to leave school in 1995, just short of obtaining the degree, due to family pressures and professional work priorities.

An advocate for educating the youth of the church, she was a Sunday school teacher and director for a combined total of almost three decades.  Her experience of exclusive fundamentalism drove her to seek a more inclusive God.  This was discovered locally in the Episcopal church, where unconditional grace claimed her devotion and her love.  With retirement in 2014 from almost 35 years of nuclear power, she has dedicated her service to God and to the cares and concerns of people who call home, All Saints’ Episcopal Church.

Marcia Van Horn, Office Volunteer


As a long time member (over 40 years) of All Saints’ Episcopal Church, most of my church members already know me. Thanks to the family of David and Mary Lu Garrett, my family joined a wonderful church.

I am now starting something that I am loving to do and that is volunteering in the office some to help with anything I can and I am grateful for it.

I always love my family and friends, and love being with my friends in church and outside my church. Other than that I like to travel, scrapbook, cook and of course baking all kinds of goodies.

Lisa Donahou, Sexton

Lisa Donahou, originally from Heber Springs but has spent the last 15 years in Russellville with her 5 boys, ages 6 years old to 15 years old. They love to be outdoors, go to the creeks, fish, swim and take trips to Branson. Please give her a warm welcome if you see her around our church.

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