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Weekly Announcements January 6, 2019

All Saints’ Episcopal Church Newsletter
January 6, 2019
Our Vision Statement: A community living and growing in unity with God and all people through Christ.
Our Mission Statement: To seek God in reverent worship, service to neighbors, gracious hospitality, and the pursuit of wisdom.
Epiphany Chalking the Door and Bonfire
The Chalking the Door Service is a way of marking our gathering places (church, homes, etc.) usually at the front or main entrance with sacred signs and symbols as we ask God’s blessing upon those who live, work or visit throughout the coming year. Please join us for a bonfire (weather permitting) and the chalking of our doors, followed by hot chocolate and cookies! We will also bless chalk and send it home with you so that you can chalk your own doors at home.

Rector’s Forum, January 6th

The Feast of Epiphany
What is Epiphany? What relevance does it have for our lives? How does the Church celebrate this feast in different ways throughout the world? Come find out this Sunday, January 6th, at 9:15am in the church library with Rev. Teri..

Practicing Prayer

Exploring and Expanding Our Friendship with God in 2019
Our next meeting of Practicing Prayer will be January 6, 2019 at 4:30pm. Our new schedule is to meet every Sunday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. We’ll continue to begin with a short study of ways to support our prayer in everyday life, followed by 20 minutes of silent prayer. All are welcome.
Wednesday Morning Bible Study
Resumes Wednesday January 9th
at 10 am. Everyone is welcome.

Enneagram Class Begins January 24th

If you are interested in taking a journey into self-understanding and deeper relationships with others, please join facilitator Sheila Jacobs for a class designed to explore the wisdom of the Enneagram. The Enneagram is one tool to help us understand how we and others meet the world, what motivates us, what hinders our growth, and what moves us toward wholeness. In this class, you will identify your Enneagram type and journey into your type and the types of others.
The class will begin on January 24 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at All Saints Episcopal Church. There will be a total of 12 classes which will convene every other week. The wisdom of the Enneagram is best learned in community as we share our thoughts, questions, and stories. Even if you’ve never heard about the Enneagram, please consider joining us. Students of all levels are welcome.
Participants will be asked to purchase The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships by Suzanne Stabile prior to the first class.  (This book is $16.76 on Amazon.) Participants will also be asked to bring the Stabile book and a notebook/journal or laptop for note-taking and reflective writings.
Please contact Sheila Jacobs at if you have questions.

Annual Meeting

The All Saints’ Episcopal Church 2019 Annual Meeting is Sunday, January 27th, 2019 at 9:15am.
Are you one of the All Saints Program/Ministry Leaders or Co-Leaders? IT IS TIME to write and submit your Program and Ministry Report(s) from 2018. To complete the 2018 Annual Report prior to the annual meeting, on January 27th, it is necessary for program leaders to submit the individual Program and Ministry Reports no later than noon on January 14th, 2018. Please submit the reports in word-processor (e.g. Microsoft WORD) format to church office at or to the Parish Administrator at prior to the January 14th noon deadline.
All parishioners are encouraged to attend the meeting. A potluck brunch will take place between services in the parish hall.
Thank You; KaDee McCormick Parish Administrator

Episcopal Trails and Travelers

Join us February 2nd as we search for ground hog (read sausage) in Altus to celebrate Groundhog Day. For more information contact,
Van Drivers Needed!!!
Each Sunday morning, an All Saints’ van goes to Clarksville, picks up some of our Karen members, and returns to All Saints’ so that we can all worship together. The van also makes another trip to Clarksville to return folks after the service. If you are able to participate in this ministry of transportation, please contact Teri at, or by calling the church office.

Cooking Dinner for @TheTable

All are invited to cook dinner for @TheTable, which is All Saints’ new ministry for college students and young adults (20s-30s). They meet at the Garage Arcade for coffee and conversation the first Sundays of the month, but at All Saints’ church for dinner and discussion on the third Sundays from 6:00pm – 7:30pm. You are invited to provide a simple meal (soup, salad, bread) for this small group of seekers. Sign up online with Sign Up Genius here to contribute a meal or contact
Like us at “At The Table” on Facebook.

Loaves and Fish

Most of the guests who join us on Saturday for lunch face many challenges; the members and friends of All Saints’ can provide a few essential items to help them out.
Please place items in the little red wagon in the Nave. Gifts received at Sunday Worship Service will be available for our Neighbors Table guests the following Saturday.
January 6th: Cereal, Shelf Stable Milk or Powered Milk
January 13th: Personal Hygiene Items (Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste and brushes, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, and hand soap)
January 20th: Toilet Paper
January 27th: Detergent and Dish Soaps

Coffee with the Curate

After the holidays, The Rev. Michaelene Miller will be taking appointments to meet her for coffee on Friday mornings at Midtown.
Neighbors Table
Join us on Sat. December 29, 2018 for annual Christmas meal served from 12:00 to 1:00 PM. Thanks to those whose generosity helps us serve delicious, nutritious meals every Saturday. We continue to welcome newcomers to Neighbors Table nearly every week. Please remember Neighbors Table in your prayers. Volunteers are welcome to join the teams on Saturdays from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM or for a couple hours during this time to help prepare food, serve or clean up after lunch. Schedules and dates are listed on the sign-up white boards in Sutherland Hall. Anyone with questions or would like to serve in other ways contact Sue Hastings-Bishop at or by phone 231-349-3671.
January 5   Sue Hastings-Bishop (AS Lead) and Rikki, Paul and Jasper Duffee and need at least two additional volunteers. Menu to be determine.
January 12 Suzanne Alford-Hodges (AS Lead) and Community Involvement Project (CIP) with Crystal and Leah. Menu: Goulash w/ ground beef, salad, hot vegetable, salad, bread and Dessert: Brownies.
January 19 Carol Lee (AS Lead) with Central Presbyterian Church. Menu: Baked Chicken, Rice, Salad, Bread, and Dessert: Central Presbyterian.
January 26 Sue Hastings-Bishop (AS Lead) Rikki, Paul and Jasper Duffee, need two more volunteers. Menu to be determined.
Help Needed For Table Set-up For Neighbors Table
Many of you know that for around 7 years every Saturday All Saints’ has with the help of many others been giving good, nourishing meals and good fellowship to anyone who desires it. It is a wonderful ministry to the community.
Neighbors’ Table is the Lord’s table. Everyone is welcome.
Like the Body of Christ Neighbors’ Table is made up of many tables.
For many of the years Jack Lee set up the tables by himself with some help from time to time. Since then people like Joseph Simmons, Juanita Judd and her sons especially Nathan, Bruce Moore, Travis Simpson, and others.
They can’t do it every week so we are calling for more table saints to help set up the tables from time to time.
The tables are set up on Friday afternoons or evenings. It takes one person 40 minutes to an hour to set them up with the chairs. With more than one person setting up it can take half the time or it can take more. But, it is more fun with another person helping.
So, “Come one, come all”. Let’s set up tables and all break bread together.
For More information or to volunteer please contact Michael Gillum, (479) 967-1267 or
Remember In Your Prayers
Weekly Prayers:
Bernice Delabra and Family, Mary Lu Garrett, Henry Wilkinson, Pam Van Horn, Jeffrey Sherman, Eduardo Ezquerro, Jacob Franks, Sara, Robert Woods, Donna Van Horn, Jim Tischhauser, Hampton Hudson, Amy Staggs, Deborah Wilson, Krystal Folmer, Candy Welcher, Aurelia Espinosa, Israel Delabra
Long Term Prayers:

Sandy Britt, Gib Bewley, Tom Munson, Caleb Judd, William Gillum, Lillian Tweed, Anne Hartschlag, Aaron Tackett, Mike Miller, Herb, Michelle, Barbara Johnson, Jeannie McCabe, Arthur Hastings, Isaac, Sarah Lee, The Kellner Family, Christine Ivy, Gordon Cotton Jr., Jack and Carol Lee.
Weekly Service Times
Sundays: Holy Eucharist 8 & 10:30 am
Spiritual Formation on Sundays: 9:15 am
Adult Sunday School 9:15 am
Children’s Sunday School 9:15 am
Kids Connection 10:15 am
Wednesdays: Holy Eucharist 6:30 pm
Activities During the Week
EfM 12:30 pm
Practicing Prayer 4:30-5:30pm (Every Sunday)
 AA Meeting 12:00 noon
ACOA Meeting 8:00 am
Comfort Zone 12:30 (1st Tuesday)
Yoga 5:30 pm
 Fit Girls 5:30 am
Bible Study 10:00 am
Diabetes Support 11:00 am (2nd Wed.)
ACOA Meeting 12:00 noon
Daughters of the King 4:30 pm (1st. Wed.)
Choir Practice 7:15 pm
Practicing Prayer 6-7pm. (First Thurs.)
Courage to Heal 6:30 pm. (2nd and 4th Thurs.)
 Fit Girls 5:30 am
AA Meeting 12:00 noon
 Neighbors Table 12:00 noon
Contributions Statements: Please Check
Your contribution statements are now available online anytime you want to check on the fulfillment of your pledges or contributions. Click on the MEMBERS tab to login to your account. You will find all your gifts separated by designations on the giving tab. Please go to
Scheduling and Submitting Announcements 
Scheduling for the Church Calendar
If you would like to schedule an event or book a room for a meeting, please contact Kimby Tackett at the church office (479-968-3622, during office hours) or send an email request to to secure your appointment in the church calendar and to avoid double booking with another group.
Submitting an Announcement for the Newsletter
If you would like to have an announcement appear in the bulletin and/or in our church email, please submit your announcement to no later than 10am on the Tuesday before the Sunday you would like it to appear.
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Weekly Announcements January 6, 2019
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