All Saints' Episcopal Church

What’s Missing in the Christmas Pageant

A sermon by the Rev. Teri Daily… Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, a day the Church celebrates each year on January 6th (which happens to fall on a Sunday this year). The word “epiphany” means “appearance,” “revelation,” or “divine manifestation.” In Eastern Orthodox churches, the focus at Epiphany is the revelation of Jesus […]

Thomas, Doubter and Believer

A sermon by Charles Tyrone on John 20:19-30…  My confirmation classes taught nothing that prepared me for my first Easter as an Episcopalian. Easter Sunday at St. Andrew’s Cathedral was just amazing. The flowers, the clergy vested in white and gold, the choir, the organ, the orchestra, an African American gospel anthem shaking the nave, […]

The Vulnerability of God in Scripture

A sermon on Acts 8:26-40… Multi-disciplinary medical teams tend to provide better overall care to patients than when physicians act in isolation. That makes sense to us. After all, if I’m a patient, I’m going to want a cardiologist looking into my arrhythmia, a surgeon evaluation the incision from my recent appendectomy, and a physical […]

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