Rector Search

This is an exciting time for All Saints’; after responding to the challenges of Covid by moving outside our walls, we are gathering again for worship, study, fellowship and service.

During the time we were physically apart, we were sustained by beautiful worship services and opportunities for study and common prayer which streamed out from our building. Food and other necessities flowed into the community from our kitchen and pantry. Our expansive churchyard became a setting for fellowship, worship at our stone altar, and a haven for birds, bees, and gardeners.

Now we are gathering again for worship, and we are seeking a Rector to lead our prayers, inform our understanding of the faith and to comfort us in sorrow. We hope our new priest will facilitate creative ways of responding with compassion and service to all God’s people. The All Saints’ Profile describes our vibrant Parish. We hope you will consider answering a call to minister with us in this place, embracing the opportunities and challenges that would come with service to God in both traditional and expansive new ways.

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