All Saints' Episcopal Church


All SaintsWelcome to All Saints Episcopal Church.

  • We believe in God, the Father, Jesus Christ, The Son of God, who came to redeem the world, and the Holy Spirit who inspires us to continue God’s work everyday in our lives.
  • We gather around one table week after week, to celebrate God, and to celebrate one another.
  • We are different in everyway, our thoughts, actions and lifestyles.
  • We come from various backgrounds and we are proud of who we are.
  • We are happy for the things as a church we are interested in.
  • We believe in justice for all of humanity.
  • We judge no one, and we welcome everyone.

Thus we gather as a family around God’s table and share a heavenly meal.

There are lots of things we do as a church family.

  • We believe in celebration of who we are primarily in the eyes of God and therefore, We sing, we dance, we eat, and we play. Our children learn about Jesus, worship as a community with their own friends and take Jesus in their hearts with their parents
  • We also believe in the world around us as good and wonderful, even when things fall apart and fail. Therefore we practice what we believe.
  • We feed the hungry, we care for the poor, we stand for justice.
  • We try not to judge, and when we fail, we repent and return to the Lord.
  • We try not to take the Bible literally. We don’t know everything about the Bible and therefore we engage in study regularly, have conversation, explore more and expand our understanding, but always in humility believe in Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Therefore We ask questions and seek answers. We consider no question as meaningless or silly.

  • In our church, men and women of all kinds, without the distinction of orientations, colors and languages are welcomed as God’s children.
  • Everyone is allowed to access the table of God and serve at the side of one another.
  • Although we call our church All Saints, we say it to refer to those who have gone before us who tried to live their lives loving their neighbor as themselves and entered into the Kingdom of God as God’s own. Like them, we try to live in faith, and lead a life of hope and act out in charity.
  • We are a church that believe in God in everything like St. Thomas Aquinas, and love people of all kinds and life situations. What our senses do not understand, we ask the Lord for faith, that we may understand.

So, walk with us, and among us, with love as Christ loved all of us.

Come and celebrate God among us and celebrate who you are just the way you are at All Saints’ Episcopal Church.

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