Enneagram on Thursdays

The purpose of this group is to be in community as we learn about and apply the wisdom of the Enneagram. This is a safe space where reflections, questions, observations, poems, insights, etc. can be shared. This group will honor individual learning as well as our collective learning

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Are you on the journey of self growth and discovery?  The Enneagram provides tools to understand yourself and journey closer to who you are meant to be.  It is also a great way to understand others.  All are welcome to join our weekly book study.  Please refer to the weekly newsletter for details or contact Rhonda Wolf (479) 518-4150.

Volunteers welcome:

Book Study Facilitators 

Help with snacks

Join us September 15th and the 22nd at 6:30 pm to 8 pm for an introduction to the Enneagram. 

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