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Pastoral Care

All Saints’ Lay Pastoral Care Program

We are pleased to announce that All Saints’ Episcopal Church will be extending our pastoral care program to include a complementary lay-leadership program.

Upon identifying that any member of the All Saints’ community has a spiritual or physical need, we (both clergy and congregation) have historically rallied around that person to extend our compassion, prayers and support.

“Our Church” therefore, already does a good deal of pastoral care for each other. However, our clergy recognized our overall efforts in identifying and extending pastoral care could be improved if in addition to the care they were able to provide, All Saints’ developed and implemented a complementary lay-leader pastoral care program.

It was envisioned this program should include, under clergy guidance, a lay-leader who can daily oversee, develop, train, coordinate, and encourage individual program lay-leaders, as program leaders continue to provide complementary pastoral care.Providing pastoral care is not just limited to the clergy; in the Episcopal Church, the laity are also enabled to provide pastoral care to each other.

When we empower lay-leaders to provide elements of pastoral care, we allow the clergy time to concentrate on those with great needs, network to ensure no need falls through the cracks and we enable growth toward spiritual maturity in lay-leaders as we all become a stronger cross-linked Christian community.

So, when will this program begin and what are some of the specific elements envisioned for inclusion in our laity pastoral care program? Full implementation of the new program will begin by March 31st, 2019 and will continue to develop/evolve through 2019. Initially, elements of the program will include:*       Tangible Care including food ministry, physical items, transportation etc.*       Prayer Care (with overlap and coordination with DoK)*       Soul Care including chaplains, visitations to hospital, home and nursing       facilities*       Eucharistic Visitors Both our clergy and vestry have been involved in changes to improve our pastoral care program including selection of the lay-leader to oversee the program.

KaDee McCormick has agreed to accept the responsibility as the lay-leader director to oversee, develop and implement the overall All Saints’ Laity Pastoral Care Program. These lay-leaders have accepted the responsibility for the individual pastoral care programs (Sue Hastings-Bishop – Tangible Care, Nancy Smith – Prayer Care, Robert Brown – Soul Care, Rhonda Hlass Eucharistic Visitor). Each lay-leader is currently recruiting members of the All Saint’s community to help support their area of Pastoral Care.We look forward to what we can become and accomplish as a more compassionate spiritually-interconnected Christian community.

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