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Today we celebrate Ash Wednesday. We have had years of practicing our Christian faith and have heard many times what it means to repent and be holy. I have heard so many times and more that I don’t even want to think of anything. But I do remember one thing that was told me to me by my friend who died a few years ago. While we were in the seminary, I used to be a very conservative, following every rule to the dot kind of a guy. I had my own practices of penance everyday and prayer to excel my penances. He called me aside and said, “you know brother, true holiness entails in your ability to live with the rest of us joyfully and peacefully. Holiness is the invisible mark of the one who can live visibly in a community of believers. And it has to start with yourself and your family first”.

We are holy people as long as we are able to live with the other. That sounds very simple, if only we know what it takes to let go of our ego. Wish you a blessed Ash Wednesday.

(c)Fr. Jos Tharakan 02/13/2013

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