Weekly Announcements July 15, 2018

All Saints’ Episcopal Church Newsletter, July 15, 2018
God in all things, people of all kinds.
Vision and Mission Statement
Vision Statement: A community living and growing in unity with God and all people through Christ.
Mission Statement: To seek God in reverent worship, service to neighbors, gracious hospitality, and the pursuit of wisdom.
Baptism This Sunday!
This Sunday at the 10:30 am service we will baptize Ella Madeline Ford, great-grandchild of Bill and Milly Chevalier. Our guest preacher will be the Rev. Lisa Hlass from St. Michael’s, Little Rock.

Meet Your Fellow Parishioner,

Gabriel Aaron Tackett: Wise beyond his youthful years!
This week’s highlighted parishioner is Gabriel Tackett, 14 year- old son of Kimby Tackett, our esteemed Parish Administrator and the grandson of our very own Deacon, Kaye Staggs and her husband of many decades, Roy Staggs. I first had the pleasure of getting to know Gabriel when we worked Vacation Bible School together and he was my Group Counselor. His ability to get the children to focus on their individual gifts they bring to the world was a revelation of how much a self-proclaimed introvert can bring to the table in terms of communication role models. Gabriel brings multiple skills to the Holy Eucharist altar with his Acolyte and Crucifer ministries.
I chose four questions that, in my humble opinion, would reflect Gabriel’s unique perspective of the world and his place in the current society. His answers are honest, forthright and very insightful. So, sit back and enjoy this conversation with Gabriel Tackett.
#1. Where did your love and appreciation for music originate from?
       I grew up around a lot of movies, especially Walt Disney movies which usually feature great music. My favorite bands currently are Ed Sheeran and Skillet. My love for singing started in the Upper Elementary grades and we were asked to choose between band or choir. I dabbled in learning to play the guitar and drums, but the enthusiasm was just not there. I remember, with chagrin, being required to learn the recorder, and the tonality of that instrument was somehow annoying to my sensitive hearing. My older sister and my mom are both gifted singers and I believe that singing is a part of my core identity. The ocarina is an instrument I am totally fascinated with because of the iconic video game, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I am certain that my love for music is engraved in my genetic DNA.
#2. What kind of wisdom would you like to share with your peers?
       Well, Ms. Dodie, that would depend on the subject matter. For example, if one of my friends came up to me and asked for advice on social skills, I would be the first to say, “For starters, my friend, you are asking the WRONG person.” The advice would depend on the specific area of concern my friend has. For example, if a fellow classmate asked me how to approach a girl he has a “crush” on, I would ask the friend if he had even talked to the girl in question to see if she was willing to have a conversation. If not, then I would advise my friend to take the first step and go talk to her first. You can never succeed at anything if you never try something new. Wise words for any person, no matter his/her age.
#3. Which video game has had the largest impact on your mindset and cognitive processes?
My favorite game of all time is Persona 5, a role-playing game where the player takes on the role of a high school student who lives out a single school year in modern-day Tokyo. The game is governed by a day-night cycle that determines general behavior like a social simulation game. Igor is the series’ most bizarre character but is also the player’s most valuable ally. Igor is a servant of Philemon, the entity which allows people to awaken their respective personas. Igor is technically a doll and is somewhat fascinated by humans, and often asks thought-provoking rhetorical questions.
Although Igor does wish the best outcome for each protagonist in the series, he will withhold important information until he feels the time is right to reveal it. Igor may seem all knowing, but he is only aware of different possible outcomes of each situation-and even then, he may not be aware of every outcome. Another dimension to the game are the Shadows which are physical manifestations of subconscious behavior modeled after mythological and religious figures. One must learn to recognize the pitfalls of the shadows and help often comes from using an insight ability known as the “Third Eye.” The game is rated “M” for mature age groups and is not recommended for younger children.
#4. What career path do you see yourself pursuing at this juncture in your life?
My first career goal was to be a video game designer. But, after researching all the aspects of creating, perfecting, visualizing, and mass producing a game, I concluded that I did not want my favorite pastime to become just a job. Video games are more than entertainment. They are an art form that was created by someone for others to enjoy. Marine biology became an important part of my career options. I spent months researching the various fields associated with the ocean and decided that collecting donations to help save the whales would be my contribution to the science of marine biology.
My latest career infatuation is in criminal profiling. I realize already that my own introvert traits might be an obstacle to this career path. I have a plan that would enable me to put my highly developed skills of observation into action with forensic profiling. In forensic profiling, a person needs to have acute perception of minute details and be able to create a profile based on a simple observation and turn that observation into a complex algorithm. On the flip side, a skilled profiler needs to be able to break down complicated scenarios into their basic elements. My job would be to gather the evidence of a crime scene and then correlate my findings with the autopsy report from the coroner’s perspective and map out the sequence of events that led to the crime. After that, the police department can handle the publicity angle of criminal investigation. Being an introvert does not hinder my goals. Rather, I will quietly gain the skills necessary to solve a case, one minuscule observation at a time.
Sincerely, Gabriel.
Submitted by Dodie Lamb-Roberts for All Saints’ Episcopal Church

Loaves and Fish

Loaves and Fishes for Neighbors Table
Most of the guests who join us on Saturday for lunch face many challenges; and the Members and Friends of All Saints’ can provide a few essential items to help them out.
On this coming Sunday, July 15, TOILET PAPER will be collected in the little red wagon that sits near the entrance to the Nave. Gifts received on this third Sunday of the month will be available for our Neighbors Table guests to pick up on the following Saturday.
Next Sunday, July 22, DETERGENT and HAND SOAPS will be collected in the little red wagon that sits near the entrance to the Nave. Gifts received at Sunday Worship Services will be available for our Neighbors Table guests to pick up on the following Saturday.

Vacation Bible School
Meeting Dates
July 19th at 6:30 pm.
Decorating Days are Friday, July 20th 10 am-?
Saturday, July 21st 1 pm-?
It’s time again to assemble the crew. This year’s theme is “Shipwrecked” and All Saints’ is hosting! July 22nd-25th.
Sunday, July 22nd with Registration 5 – 8 pm
Monday and Tuesday July 23rd-24th 5:30 – 8 pm
Wednesday, July 25th Closing Program (Families Invited)
To Register as a Volunteer, Click Here
To Register your child, Click Here. 
*Please print and return this forms to the All Saints’ Office or Mail to 501 S. Phoenix Ave. Russellville, AR. 72801

Volunteer Opportunities:


1. Decorating and Clean-up

2. Registration.
3. Crew Leaders and Crew Helpers (Pre K – 1st Grade, 2nd – 3rd Grade, 4th -5th Grade)
4. Games
5. Snacks
6. Crafts
7. Daily Bible Lesson

Set up On Friday 20th and Saturday 21st

Teens (13-17 years of age):

1. Group Helper, Pre K – 1st Grade, 2nd – 3rd Grade, 4th – 5th Grade

2. Game Helper,

3. Craft Helper

4. Clean Up
5. Opening and Closing Program.

*Question Call Kimby Tackett 479-747-3757 or479-968-3622.

Thank You from Dodie
As many of you know, the ceiling of Dodie’s living room caved in last week. Her brother, her mother, and Dodie are all fine and have been staying in a hotel. Dodie thanks you all for your prayers; she has felt them all. She received word this week that insurance will cover the costs to repair the ceiling, as well as the cost for her family’s relocation in the interim. Let’s continue to hold Dodie, Lillian, and Dodie’s brother, Sonny in our prayers during this time. Thank you!
The annual All Saints’ rummage sale is now accepting donations! Clean out your closets, garages, and storage rooms to uncover those treasures you no longer want or use, and we will gladly put them in the sale. Donations should be brought to the church and placed in classroom 1. Please contact the church office if you need help with your items. We encourage all parish members to participate in preparing items for sale or in the sale-day excitement! Staging and pricing days will be as follows:
                                Wednesday, August 8 from 9am-3pm
                                Thursday, August 9 from 3pm-7pm
                                Friday, August 10 from 9am-3pm
Sale day is Saturday, August 11 from 7:00am to 12:00pm, with our famous $1 “stuff the bag” sale from 12:00-1:00.   All are welcome!
First Thursday Book Talk at All Saints’
We will meet on Thursday, August 2, in the parlor from 12-1. Our book is Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan. This young adult novel looks inside two teenage boys struggling to discover their pathway to their adult selves. For more information, please see our Facebook page.

Parish Event Group

At All Saints’ we occasionally all get together to enjoy special celebrations: sometimes we gather on Holidays, or on the significant Sundays that mark the season of the Church year; sometimes we have a party just to eat and visit and simply take pleasure in each other’s company as we mark noteworthy events in the life of our Parish and our members.
Vestry member Ricki Duffee and Don Hill are organizing a committee to help plan and host these events: If you would like to be a part of their special “Parish Events Group” please notify the office or let a vestry member know you would like to help.
It will be a group with very few meetings, and lots of fun and fellowship.
The Christ Haunted Landscape-Four Southern Authors Talk About Their Religious Experience
The Christ Haunted Landscape – Four Southern Authors Talk About Their Religious Experience
Our classes continue in July with Deborah Wilson and Charles Tyrone, who teach English at Arkansas Tech, Leading discussions of the final two authors’ short stories and interviews, showing the imprint of their religious experience on their writing and lives.
            July 15th, Will Campbell, “Cecelia’s Sin”
The classes will meet starting at 9:15 AM in the library. Copies of the stories and interviews from Susan Ketchin’s book are available at the church office, or you can send an email to ctyrone@atu.edu, and a scanned copy of the stories and interviews will be sent to you.
Inquirers Classes

If you are interested in learning more about the Episcopal Church, you are invited to join us for five conversations on consecutive Sundays, beginning on July 8th and going though August 5th, from 6 to 7 pm in the library classroom. While these classes are especially important for anyone desiring to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church, they are open to all — newcomers as well as those who have been Episcopalians for years. The Schedule of topics and presenters are as follows:
July 15th — Sacraments and the Prayer Book, Teri Daily
July 22nd — The Discernment of Gifts, Kaye Staggs
July 29th — The Bible in the Episcopal Church, Dave Daily
August 5th — A Tour of the Church and the Practice of Prayer, Kaye Staggs

Pill Bottle Donations

Please save your empty pill bottles and bring to the church.  Look for a box in Shoemaker hall.  Matthew 25: Ministries accepts donations of empty plastic pill bottles for inclusion in shipments of medical supplies and for shredding and recycling. Our pill bottle program fulfills the dual needs of improving medical care in developing countries and caring for our environment.
Acceptable collection items include:
  •   Prescription and over-the-counter pill bottles
  •   Large and small pill bottles
  •   Pill Bottles with and without secure caps (child resistant)
Pill bottles that are not appropriate to include with shipments of medical supplies are recycled for cash that goes towards Matthew 25: Ministries’ programs. If you wish to prepare bottles for shipment rather than recycling, please adhere to the following guidelines:
  •   Bottles included in shipments of medical supplies must have an all plastic lid.
  •   Sort bottles by color and type.
  •   Remove labels, leaving no glue or residue.
  •   Wash bottles in very hot water and dish soap.
  •   Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  •   Replace lids on clean, dried bottles.
  •   Place clean, recapped bottles in large ziplock bags marked “Clean Bottles.” These will be blended with medical supplies.
Cultivating Compassion Class
Designed to help students experience the joy of living with a loving heart through the practice of compassion in everyday activities.
When?  Every Thursday evenings, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Where? St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Conway. At Morgan House
Cost? $20.00
Who: Taught by June Stewart, sponsored by Servant Leadership School
See flyer, or call Catherine Crews (479) 264-4346  for more information and to register.
Bishop’s Visit, August 12, 2018

Bishop Larry R. Benfield will pay his yearly visit to All Saints’ on August 12th. If you would like to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church, or if you have any questions at all, please contact Rev. Teri.

Neighbors Table
Join us on Sat. June 16 for our weekly meal served from 12:00-1:00 PM
Thanks to those whose generosity helps us serve delicious, nutritious meals every Saturday. We continue to welcome newcomers to Neighbors Table nearly every week. Please remember Neighbors Table in your prayers.
Volunteers are welcome to join the teams on Saturdays from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM or for a couple hours during this time to help prepare food, serve or clean up after lunch. Schedules and dates are listed on the sign-up white boards in Sutherland Hall. Anyone with questions or would like to serve in other ways contact Sue Hastings-Bishop at shastingsbishop@gmail.com or by phone 231-349-3671.
July 14 Team Members: Melissa Simpson (AS Lead) Carolyn McLellan, Casey Anderson, Jose, Eva Cole .
July 21 Team Charlie Tyrone (Lead) and Central Presbyterian
Menu: Chicken Spaghetti (use chicken tenders), garlic bread, Tossed   Salad, Dessert: CP
July 28 Team Melissa Simpson (Lead) need volunteers
Menu: Baked Chicken, Salad, Rice, and Dessert: fresh fruit salad
Remember In Your Prayers
Weekly Prayers:
Pam Van Horn, Aaron Tackett, Joyce Desiderio, Leanne and her children, Bernice, Mary Lu, Jeremiah Wimer, Delabra Family, Donna, Candace Welcher, Sarah Polk, Edi Wood, Sara Keech, Jennifer, Jackie Baugh.
Long Term Prayers:

Sandy Britt, Nancy Smith, Don Lee Sr., Gib Bewley, Tom Munson, Jim Tischhauser, Robert Woods, Barbara Johnson, Mark Brandhorst, Caleb Judd, Aja Estes, Bobbie Edwards, Irene Thuston, William Gillum, Lillian Tweed, Anne Hartschlag.
Weekly Service Times

Sundays: Holy Eucharist 8 & 10:30 am
Spiritual Formation on Sundays: 9:15 am
Sunday School 9:15 am
Children’s Sunday School 9:00 am
(On break for Summer)
Kids Connection 10:15 am
(On break for Summer)
EfM 2:00 pm
(On break for Summer)

Activities During the Week

 AA Meeting 12:00 noon
 Healing Prayer by appointment
Comfort Zone 12:30 (1st Tuesday)
Yoga 5:30 pm
 Fit Girls 5:30 am
Bible Study 10:00 am
Daughters of the King 4:30 pm. (1st. Wed.)
Diabetes Support: 11:00 am (2nd Wed.)
Holy Eucharist 6:30 pm
Choir Practice 7:15 pm
 Fit Girls 5:30 am
AA Meeting 12:00 noon
 Neighbors Table: 12:00 noon

Contributions Statements: Please Check
Your contribution statements are now available online anytime you want to check on the fulfillment of your pledges or contributions. Click on the MEMBERS tab to login to your account. You will find all your gifts separated by designations on the giving tab. Please go to http://www.allsaintsrussellville.org.
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