All Saints' Episcopal Church



Lillian Hunt Trasher (27 September 1887–17 December 1961) was a Christian missionary to Assiout, Egypt, as well as the founder of the first orphanage in Egypt, famed as the “Nile Mother” of Egypt. Trasher was born in Florida, and grew up in Georgia. She followed Roman Catholicism as a young girl. In her teens, through Bible […]

Story of an Irish Catholic In The Episcopal Church

I am Irish Catholic. That is not just a religion: it is an ethnicity. My ancestors fought to practice their religion, were persecuted for it, starved because of it, were tortured, rendered second-class citizens, and mocked because of it. My father’s family instilled a deep sense of pride and ritual around our Irish Catholicism. We […]

Simply because! Perspective on Stewardship

When I think of my spirituality, this story comes to mind.  My mother was at a vacation Bible school in Buffalo, New York, in the Presbyterian church I grew up in.  The theme one evening was Noah’s Ark.  Workers from the Buffalo Zoo came and brought endangered species. My mother called me when it was […]

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