All Saints' Episcopal Church


God Claims Everything to Him

  God Claims Everything to Him The master is in need of this donkey, says the Lord to the disciples. Jesus takes his position seriously and demands the world to accept it. God is in control and God demands his words be heard and obeyed. Hard to hear for the modern man, because obeying is […]

We are Lazarus!

The story of Lazarus invites us to be the people of light. This is the story of life winning over death. We all have the potential to walk in darkness and we do that sometimes. Not because we want to be in dark, but because lives circumstances take us to places we are not used […]

Constrained by the conviction!

Today we see Jesus as an earnest man who wants to do what he was sent to do. He knows his duty and nothing is going to keep him away from fulfilling it. This requires a conviction deeper than an awareness of who he is. Conviction of being called to do good is required to […]

Come to the Living Water

Come to the Living Water If you are thirsty come to me and drink. God has promised this for a long time to those who desire         for living waters. “I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour           […]

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