All Saints' Episcopal Church


Turning Fear Into Faith

A sermon on Matthew 2:13-23 given by the Rev. Teri Daily on January 3, 2020… The term “democratic backsliding” refers to the erosion of key features within a democracy that prevent the concentration of too much power in the hands of an incumbent leader, thereby moving that country on the spectrum towards an authoritarian or […]

Embracing Grace

A sermon on Galatians 3 given by the Rev. Teri Daily on December 27, 2020… A few years ago I was invited to a church dinner at the home of a then parishioner, Marianne. So that Friday I prepared a salad and headed over to enjoy an evening of food and fellowship. When I pulled […]

The Promise of Christmas

A sermon given by the Rev. Teri Daily on Christmas Eve 2020… Human beings need signs. We need confirmation that we are reading the universe correctly. Growing up, I spent most of my summers at my grandparents’ home in southern Georgia.  My grandmother was a good Methodist.  My grandfather was a Baptist, although I (like most of my […]

Regarded by God

A sermon preached on December 20, 2020, by the Rev. Teri Daily on Luke 1:26-38 & 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16… A few years ago a popular novel – The Shack by William Young – captured the attention of Christians across the US. In the book, the main protagonist Mack, whose daughter had been killed four […]

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